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Free eBooK: New Zealand - Eyewitness Travel Guide

New Zealand - Eyewitness Travel Guide 2010

This review is from: New Zealand (Eyewitness Travel Guides) (Paperback)
Liked it for what I needed it. It only gives a VERY BRIEF overview of what there is to see and to do. You basically just get a general idea and then you have to do some more research yourself. I was lucky I was visiting a friend who lived there. Not a good guide book if you're going on your own and need to rely on it.

Liked the abundance of photos.

It seemed like they included mostly all very touristy attractions. There's other things to do in NZ that are very cool and sometimes even free and should be mentioned.

Also, I wish they had talked a little bit more about camp grounds and hostels. I found that to be a great alternative to pricey hotels while traveling around.

Additionally, you also have to get a more detailed map of the major cities (usually I found them for free at the I-Sites) and the roads if you're traveling by car.

No mention in the book about the tour buses like Kiwi Adventures. Would have been useful to know about but I'm glad I didn't use those buses after all.

Also, they don't really mention any of the Lord of the Rings sights. You can buy the (very pricey) LotR tour book in NZ.

Tongariro Alpine Crossing deserved a double page on its own in my opinion but they just gave it a brief mentioning when they talked about the general area.

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