Thursday, May 26, 2011

Music Download: Vespertina - The Waiting Wolf (2011)

Vespertina - The Waiting Wolf (2011)
Release 10-05-2011 | MP3 320 kbps | 14 tracks | 50:07 min | 105 MB
Genre: Trip-Hop / Downtempo / Neo Folk | Label: Dusty Pockets

Vespertina is a pop tour-de-force that combines catchy hooks with the drama and fantasy of opera. Comprised of critically acclaimed producer Stoupe, of hip hop group Jedi Mind Tricks, and vocalist/pianist Lorrie Doriza, Vespertina is a classically inspired trip-pop plunge into a deranged storybook rabbit hole. The fusion between Doriza's original compositions and Stoupe's trademark drums and production, with additional arrangements by up-and-coming Philadelphia producer, z. gillespie, give a wonderfully dramatic platform from which to weave her tale. Using a blend of both electronic and live instruments, along with a chorus of harmonies, Vespertina's sound is as big and theatrical as their live shows. Doriza's voice is at once powerful and coy, vengeful and sweet, but always a perfect complement to the music and always in character.

01.Act I - The Sea
02.Girl In The Basement
05.Without A Doubt
06.Act II - The Ship
07.Devil's Dance
08.Mantis Mantra
10.Kinda Girl
11.Act III - Festival
12.Escape It All
13.Somewhere Else
14.Finale - Swan Song

 Vespertina - The Waiting Wolf (2011)


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