Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Music Download: Turtleboy - Smart Matter (2011)

Artist: Turtleboy 
Album: Smart Matter 
Release : 2011-06-14 
Genre: Jazz 
Label: Songlines

Honing a group dynamic, this young bassless trio seamlessly blends abstract soundscapes and gracefully melodic jazz with aspects of indie rock and grunge. Original compositions (plus a Radiohead cover) offer a nice variety of approaches to pacing and dynamics.
Creative improvising and distinctive instrumental sounds confirm a serious commitment to jazz; catchy hooks and gently insistent vamps broaden the appeal.
Hi-res production brings out the inherent beauty of the tunes and textures.

01 Smart Matter
02 Pyramid Song
03 Arms Wide Open
04 Creation
05 Elephant
06 Patience
07 Inner Space
08 Wisdom
09 Separation Anxiety
10 Vampyroteuthus Infernalis
11 Lost in Life
12 Protection
13 Northwest Passage
Music Download: Turtleboy - Smart Matter (2011)


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