Sunday, May 15, 2011

Free eBooK: The Independent UK Guide to eBay 2010

The Independent UK Guide to eBay 2010

The Guide has been around for a few years now - I was made aware of it when they first reviewed my blog in the 2008 edition. It's an odd sort of publication: it looks like a magazine, both in size and in layout, but definitely has a bookish price tag.

The Guide bills itself as "The Essential Guide to Buying and Selling | How to make SERIOUS money on eBay" (that latter seems a bit close to the title of Dan Wilson's book, doesn't it?). I don't know what's happened to it over the last 12 months, but where before it felt patchy, unfinished, almost as though it were written by someone who'd never used eBay but knew how to write a how-to book, this year it's turned into something a lot more useful.

Mostly this is a guide for sellers, aimed probably at those who've sold a couple of personal items but want to sell more, or who are considering going pro. The two longest chapters are "Introductory Selling" and "Advanced Selling", which cover all the basics, with extensive sections on what can go wrong and how to deal with it, and auction management for people who look at their ever-filling inbox and freak out. There are numerous case studies on sellers who are "already doing it" - from running an eBay business alongside your B&M shop, to (intriguingly) a seller who's quitting online retail and advises others to do the same.

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