Sunday, May 15, 2011

Download Total Training - Adobe Flash CS4 Pro: New Animation Techniques

Total Training for Adobe Flash CS4 Professional: New Animation Techniques 
716MB John Ulliman English

This series introduces you to the new and enhanced Flash CS4 animation features; Motion Tween, 3D properties, and the new IK animation tool so you can begin using them in your Flash projects. The enhanced Motion Tween will change the way you work in Flash forever. It s much easier to work with and more powerful, plus it includesthe new Motion Editor Panel. This series guides you through the new 3D properties , which will let you control your objects in full 3D space in both the timeline and using ActionScript 3. Plus, learn how to usethe new Inverse Kinematics IK animation tools for both MovieClips and Shapes.

Highlights Learn how to create and control the Motion Tween using the Motion Editor Panel Find out how to set up and modify Inverse Kinematics animations See how to use Inverse Kinematics bones to control Shapes Discover how to usethe new 3D properties and tools Watch how to select, use and create Advanced Easing Curves.

More info: http: prod adobe flashcs4pro nat.asp

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