Thursday, May 5, 2011

Download Autodesk 3ds MAX 2010 Reloaded FuLL

The new version presents a huge number of innovations and improvements. Their number is so large that the creators of 3ds Max suggests that it is - the most significant release since version 3D Studio Max 4. Perhaps one of the most notable innovations - the inclusion of the popular set of software tools for modeling PolyBoost, which were previously available as add-on. In 3ds Max, these tools will appear under the name Graphite Modeling Tools. Thanks PolyBoost, in total, the new version will be more than 100 new instruments.

Furthermore Graphite Modeling Tools, in 3ds Max 2010 features some three hundred new features. Here are just some of them:
* Organisation of complex scenes by combining its facilities in the so-called containers (Container). Such objects is easy to manage, they can be quickly loaded and unloaded, thus saving the cost of RAM.
* Improved display of objects in the viewports, smoothing with the use of hardware capabilities of PCs, improved tools for working with HDRI and support new technologies for the development of mental mill shaders.
* New module Material Explorer to manage the scene materials, operations can be performed with the materials with respect to several objects, including replacing them.
* Improved support for importing models from Revit Architecture.
* New technology for analyzing xView grid three-dimensional models
* A new version of the module to create effects with particles PFlowAdvanced, containing a large library of ready-made effects. PFlowAdvanced includes 14 new operators for Particle Flow.
* A set of tools for working with sound ProSound, based on which the plug-in Sound Trax from the company Boomer Labs.
* New modifier Quadify for working with module ProBooleans, to manage the topology of Boolean objects. In addition, when working with ProBooleans can now use the operation Merge Boolean, which allows you to combine items, preserving their topology and the modifier stack.
* New modifier ProOptimizer, which is based on known additions Polygon Cruncher. It can perform optimization vysokopoligonalnye models imported from programs like Mudbox.
* Improvements in the toolbox to work with texture scans. In particular, new tools for selection, as well as for editing the scans.
* A new tool for analyzing the effects associated with light, and preview the results in the viewport (only 3ds Max Design 2010).
* Global Quality Knobs for fast quality control rendering of shadows, reflections, refractions, as well as global illumination rendering and smoothing in mental ray.
* Support for high resolution imaging for use in printing.
* Improvements in the visualization of animated projects by means of mental ray (reducing errors associated with flickering when playing the animation, which was calculated taking into *** the indirect lighting).

1. Install Autodesk 3DS MAX
2. Use the serial number 666-69696969, 667-98989898, 400-45454545, or any other, coinciding with these templates
3. Enter the product key 128B1
4. Complete installation and start Max
5. Select Activate
6. When the activation screen appears:
run XFORCE Keygen 32bits version, if you are installing 32-bit version of the application or
64bits to 64-bit version.
7. Click the Mem Patch (must be confirmed)
8. Copy the request code in the keygen and press generate
9. Now copy the activation code to activate the screen and click Next
Registration complete.

Hardware requirements:

Minimum requirements of 32-bit version of 3ds Max 2010 software requires a system with the following configuration:
- Processor Intel Pentium ® 4 or higher, AMD Athlon ® 64 or higher, or AMD Opteron ®.
- 1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended).
- 1 GB swap space (2 GB recommended).
- Graphics card with 128 MB of RAM or more, which supports Direct3D 10, Direct3D 9 or OpenGL.
- Three-button mouse
- 2 GB hard disk.

System requirements:

To install and run Autodesk ® 3ds Max ® 2010 requires one of the following 32 - or 64-bit operating systems:
Microsoft ® Windows ® XP Professional (SP2 or later).
Microsoft ® Windows ® Vista (Business, Premium or Ultimate).
Microsoft ® Windows ® XP Professional x64.
Microsoft ® Windows ® Vista 64 bit (Business, Premium or Ultimate).
For the work of 3ds Max 2010 software requires the following browser:
Microsoft ® Internet Explorer ® 6 or later.
For the work of 3ds Max 2010 requires the following additional software:
DirectX ® 9.0c * (required for operation), OpenGL ® (as desired).
* Some features of 3ds Max 2010 are only available when used with graphics hardware that supports Shader Model 3.0 (Pixel Shader and Vertex Shader 3.0). For information about whether a particular device supports Shader Model 3.0, should contact the manufacturer.

Computers Apple ® processor-based Intel, using the operating system, Microsoft, supported by Boot Camp (Apple). Virtual machine environment is currently not supported

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