Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lady Gaga lands flat after falling off piano at live show !

Perhaps its time she invested in some flat shoes.

For while Lady Gaga's towering stilettos add to her stage presence, they are not the easiest of shoes to wear - as she has found to her cost.

The singer fell flat on her back in front of thousands of fans last night as she jumped off her piano in the middle of a song.

Leaping off the burning piano onto the stool, her heel accidentally flicked the stool away from her, and Gaga fell flat on her back under the piano.

Her outfit of bra and knickers offered no protection, but ever the professional Gaga didn't even miss a note of her hit You And I.

She carried on singing where she lay beneath the piano, having narrowly avoided smashing her head on the keyboard, then crawled to he feet, the microphone still clutched in her hand.

The fall came as Gaga performed as part of her Monster's Ball concert in Houston.

This weekend saw Gaga revive her once-popular GagaVision channel on YouTube.

GagaVision No 41, which was posted on the singer's YouTube page on Wednesday, features behind the scenes footage of her tour as she prepares for a show.
The five-minute clip is the first episode of the web series - which Gaga made regular episodes of when she was promoting her debut album The Fame - since 2009.

In it, the singer - real name Stefani Germanotta - reveals that she has been doing promotion for her single Born This Way for six hours straight before she gets ready to head off for a show.

The film ends with a sneak preview of rehearsals for the video for her next single Judas, which she reveals will be released on April 19.

'Judas is coming,' the star says. 'Let the cultural baptism begin.'



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