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Free Download WSO : Watch Reveal $9000 per month Amazon System

"I've Been Told Many Of Times That I'm Crazy To Give This Info Away. Students Are Already Making Full Time Incomes From This System. Pay Attention!

Inside the course you are going to get:
* 31 Page PDF
* 14 Video Modules that shows me researching, building and promoting a brand new Amazon review site the exact same way as I did for all of the sites that were responsible for over $20 000 in commissions.
* Under each video module there will be a comments section where you can ask any questions you have regarding that particular module. This will help everyone as a whole and also adds a community feel to the course.
* I reveal 2 of my own money making sites as examples for you to inspect and replicate. This is HUGE!

Module 1

(how to find the right niche)

In this module I show you on video how I find and choose a real live niche. I also tell you why I am choosing these specific products. All of the sites that's making money for me have similar things in common when it comes to the products. I tell you what these characteristics are so you don't have to figure it out yourself through trial and error like I had too.

(how I do keyword research with Market Samurai)

This is probably the most important module. In the past I've had many sites ranking on the first page of Google only to find that there's either not traffic for that keyword or there is traffic but nobody is buying. This is no fun and almost caused me to quit IM a few times.

In this module I am going to teach you how to do proper keyword research and also how to analyze the competition properly.

Unfortunately most people commit IM suicide by getting this step wrong.

I'll reveal some advanced SEO Analysis techniques that you can use to spot niches where the main keywords looks super competitive on the surface but if you dig deeper you'll discover that you can beat them fairly easily and get all that traffic.

Module 3
(Free methods for doing keyword research)

This module covers how I do keyword research with free tools. Perfect for those of you that cannot afford Market Samurai.

Module 4
(How to choose and buy your domain name)

This module is simple. I show you how to choose and purchase your domain name.

Module 5
(How to write the reviews)

In this module I will show you how I quickly and easily write deadly effective reviews for the products we just chose. Again, this is a real live example and you can see the site with the reviews live which is VERY HELPFUL!

I show you how to quickly and easily write the reviews yourself or you can just outsource the writing if you are not comfortable with writing them yourself.

Module 6
(How to install Wordress and Upload your theme)

This is where I show you how to install Wordpress on your server and also how to upload your theme. This alone will save you hours of figuring this stuff out yourself because you will be watching me do it live for the website I am about to build.

If you already know how to do this then you can just skip this module.

Module 7
(Wordpress settings and plugins)

In this module I show you how to change the settings for your blog so that your blog will be search engine friendly. I also show you which plugins to upload, how to upload them and how to configure the plugins. This is also all step by step in video format. All the plugins are FREE as well and I have links where you can download them underneath the video.

Module 8
(Upload your reviews and do on page optimization)

This module shows me uploading the reviews we've just written and I also show you how to do maximum on page Optimization for the search engines.

This is VERY important and valuable information. It doesn't matter if you are trying to rank for Amazon review products or for you local dentist office. The principles of SEO stays the same and this is where you're gonna learn it. The info in this module alone is worth twice as much as the price for this whole video series.

This info you can carry with you and profit from
throughout your whole IM career.

Every site you will ever try to rank for will have these principles.
Awesome Stuff!!

Module 9 -14

(Site promotion)

Modules 9 -14 is all about promoting your site and getting it to the first page of the search engines for your chosen keywords. I cover a lot of techniques you can use. You don't have to do them all but if you do you'll see faster results. By applying these techniques you will gain back links to your site and also direct traffic for quick sales.


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